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Augusta Museum of History

Augusta Museum of HistoryAugusta is one of the most historic cities in America. It’s located at 560 Reynolds St, Augusta, GA 30901, , and it’s filled with historical sites, not to mention over 25 museums. The City of Augusta has so many great places to explore and we couldn’t recommend enough that you add some of these to your itinerary while you’re here. One such place is the Augusta Museum of History. With a focus on civil war history and artifacts, this museum will keep you entertained for hours. Here are 5 reasons you need to visit this museum when you're in Augusta...

You’ll Learn About Augusta’s History

The Augusta Museum of History will have you learning all about the city and state’s history. Many museums are focused on a certain time period, but this museum is all about the state’s civil war history. You’ll find items and information from battles like Shiloh, The Wilderness, and Chickamauga. Not only will you learn about these battles, but also about local citizens and how the war affected them. You’ll also learn about the state’s foreign and domestic policies, such as how the war affected trade. The museum’s collection is so vast that you’ll likely find something to be interested in. You may even discover new things about your own state history.

There Are Hands-On Activities for Kids

The museum’s permanent collection has artifacts that are great for exploring. You’ll find a gun shop filled with all sorts of guns, from muskets and rifles to pistols and revolvers. You’ll also find a section of tools and other objects used in industry and farming. While the artifacts aren’t interactive, there are toys and activities that are perfect for exploring. For example, you’ll find a blacksmith shop with tools and anvils that kids can use to make their own products. There are also demonstrations of various crafts like pottery, blacksmithing, and sewing. You’ll also find a woods shop filled with logs, saws, and other tools that kids can use to get creative.

The Museum Is Always Updating and New Displays Are Added All the Time

The Augusta Museum of History is constantly updating and bringing new displays to life. You’ll be able to see how local businesses adapted to the war and how the state was affected by the war. There are permanent displays that focus on items like the telegraph, photography, and the typewriter. Some of these displays are interactive, so you can see how these things were used during the war. There may even be a touch table or two for kids to use. There are also rotating exhibits that focus on a different facet of the state’s history. One recent exhibit focused on the Tuskegee Airmen, the all-black unit that had a key role during World War II. You’ll also find rotating exhibits that focus on African American history, such as the slave trade and Reconstruction. The museum is always updating and refreshing the displays, so you’ll always be in for a new experience.

It’s Free to Visit and Worth Every Cent You Spend

With a price tag of $5 for adults and $1 for kids (and seniors), the Augusta Museum of History is well worth every cent. You’ll find that there are plenty of things to see and do in the state. There are museums, Civil War battlefields, and more that are well worth the price of admission. Museums like the Augusta Museum of History are a great way to learn about your state’s history. You’ll discover how your state was affected by the war and see artifacts that were used during the war. You’ll also find plenty of activities and hands-on displays that are perfect for exploring. This is a great way to learn about your state’s history.

Visit The Augusta Museum of History Today!

The Augusta Museum of History will impress you with its vast collection of artifacts and its focus on the state’s history. You’ll find that the museum has something for everyone, from children to adults. The museum is free to visit and well worth the price of admission. You’ll want to visit the Augusta Museum of History today.

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